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The view from the hotel room

Toilet instructions

Day 1 - Up at 5:15 and a quick breakfast. Taxi arrives right on time and off to the airport. Check in no problem, Bags checked all the way through to Lima! However, we had to sit i\on the runway for 30 minutes due to delays at Charlotte.

No problems at Charlotte once we got there, quick connection to Miami. There though... We ate lunch at a very expensive place with blah food then we went to the wrong gate and realized it when Alice commented on how few people would be on the plane! Got to the right gate in time, but were among the last to board – which was a bit of a problem because they were making people who had wheeled bags take them off the plane as the overheads were full!

The five hour flight was OK for the cattle section. Airplane food and snacks. Movie was blah. Flew directly over Cuba and Ecuador and got in to Lima at 9:10 Peru time (10:10 EDT). Immigration and customs were no problem.

At the ground transport place we met Edgard – our guide for the trip. There were three others there – an older couple and a young man. We were introduced but I promptly forgot their names... Dragged our bags to the van. Weather was warm (75 or so) but quite humid.

The drive from the airport to the hotel was quite convoluted. Through what seemed to be back alleys and lots of twists and turns. Many people out and about in restaurants, on benches,walking... Alice wants to live here! We also drove along a road with the Pacific Ocean on one side and a cliff on the other and a brightly lit cross off in the distance – finally had to saddle-back up the cliff to get to Lima proper. Some quite unique names of things, but also KFC and McD's and many other establishments and brands that are well known in the states. Some parts with lots of graffiti. Most people were wearing jackets or sweaters.

Finally at the hotel – The Antigua Miraflores – a pretty red stucco building. At the desk we asked and they have Wi-Fi! Up to our room (212) – a small place with twin beds – one room and a bathroom – and a ceiling fan. Not uncomfortable. But... wi-fi was out. Maybe


Been a long day but now – South of the equator. The toilet water drains clockwise.

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