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Madrid was so much fun! We saw so many cool buildings and fountains all over the place. On the second day we decided to just walk wherever throughout Madrid. It ended up talking about 3 and a half hours, but the time flew by so fast. We walked through Plaza Mayor and also stopped in the beautiful park down the street from El Museo del Prado, which we will tour when we go back to Madrid as a whole class. Our group also found some amazing tapas at different restaurants throughout the city. We even met some guys from Barcelona in our hostel who showed us around a little and shared some very interesting insight about the many different aspects of Spanish life.

After an AMAZING three days in Madrid, we got on the bus this morning at 10:30 and drove for 5 hours down to Granada. Liz (my roommate) and I then took a taxi to our host family's apartment, and proceeded to ring the buzzer for their room. We squeezed into the tiniest elevator we've ever seen, and were greeted on the second floor by our host mom. She had a bubbly personality, and seemed so excited to have us there. She introduced us to her son and husband, and then (as we presumed) she proceeded to make us food...and lots of it. We had been warned about how pushy our host moms would be about eating more, but all the warnings in the world couldn't have prepared us completely for it. She kept telling us to eat more and more, and we had to insist that we were stuffed and simply couldn't eat another bite. They spoke only in Spanish, and Liz and I did a really good job of keeping up. We could understand and respond to just about everything they said/asked. After food and getting to know each other a little while watching an American movie in Spanish that I'd already seen (Knowing-the one we watched together dad!) our host mom and dad took us out to show us around Granada. We walked through the streets as they pointed out a whole bunch of different things, and near the end we got tapas from a bar/restaurant whose owner was a friend of our host family (which actually got us a free round of drinks and a tapa. The bar/restaurant had nearly a hundred pigs legs hanging from the ceiling (making what we eventually ate in tapas: el jamón serrano), which is a pretty common thing for Spain. Afterwards, we walked back to our host family's apartment to be stuffed once again with dessert: some fruit and yogurt. Now I am finally laying down after a long day, and really excited about starting the program tomorrow!

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