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On the boat hunting the whale shark...

Big beautiful beast (thank you waterproof camera!)

Snorkeling off Isla Mujeres

Heys guys!

So right after we wrote our first update, we ran into an incoming gaggle of GAP-ers (people our age on the same kind of tour) who were thinking of going snorkeling with whale sharks and needed two more bodies in order to book it. Of course, we jumped on the chance! Whale sharks migrate annually and are only found off the coast of Cancun from the end of July to mid-September, so we JUST caught them! For those of you not familiar, these particular beasts are very large (8-15 meters = up to 50 feet long) but are vegetarian and very docile. On sunny days they like to hang out just under the surface of the water, which makes for awesome (yet intimidating) snorkeling! The water was rough in the morning when we went out and the sharks were starting to get a little antsy to move on, so we had to go much further asea in search of them. We found a half dozen of them finally about 20 miles off the end of Isla Mujeres, which is part of the barrier reef that runs parallel to the coast of Cancun. We were far enough out that you could just see the ghost of the lighthouse on the island in the distance like a mirage.

Once we found the whale sharks, we got a few snorkels in, took some pictures and then moved on to shallower waters for a little more swimming and a cerviche (seafood salad) lunch on the water. We sustained some pretty authentic sunburns, despite our sunscreening efforts, but it was well worth it!

We don´t have much planned for tommorrow, just exploring and having fun, and meeting our incoming tour-mates at the orientation meeting tonight. Hope they´re a good bunch!

Until tomorrow, chao!

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