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I hung out with a couple of my bestfriends tonight. They are leaving to Europe for a couple of weeks. I'm happy and excited for them. I wish I could go backpacking around Europe like them, but I know for sure I don't have the mentality to do so. I'm somewhat a rigid when it comes to travelling without any schedules, thats why volunteering is better for me. With volunteer, I have set schedule but yet I have the weekends to explore the country. Btw, I'm still trying to find a few more people to go with me to Tibet, from what I have heard, you can't really travel solo to Tibet (the border won't let you cross if you're by yourself anyway)

I plan on having our honeymoon next year with my husband to MY romantic destination. We haven't really had our honeymoon after almost 4 years of marriage, so next year I really want to make this happen. We pretty much gonna wait till he gets his paid vacation time from work next year, he's going to save his vacation time so we can leave for next year. My mom suggested that we should go on a cruise and bring Jayden (our 3 year old son) with us, but that wouldn't be a honeymoon if we bring the fruit of our marriage with us. Travelling with kid(s) = HEADACHE!. I want to have our honeymoon in Italy or Greece. I considered those two countries are most romantic of all, maybe a detour to Austria too. We'll see what's gonna happen next year.

My travel plans are pretty much filled for next year. I have Xi'an, China or Cuzco, Peru for my volunteer trip (PS: husband approved of this and I might have to tackled him to pay 80% of my trip). We'll see....Maybe my volunteering trip could be packed during spring and honeymoon trip around fall. Everything will come together in time, for now I want to prepare myself, physically and spiritualy for dream destination.

If our honeymoon plan didn't pan out, he's gonna pay for it...BIG TIME! lol

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