The Olivetts in Peru 2010-2011 travel blog

Walking into Pisac before hike (photo by Vin)

Love that Inca Kola (photo by Jen)

Getting started, overlooking the valley (thatches are to protect the ongoing restoration)...

Looking forward (photo by Vin)

Terraces for farming (photo by Tony)

Ma & Pa (photo by Tony)

Looking back as we hike out the ridge (photo by Tony)

Walking the ridge (photo by Vin)

Trapezoidal doorway (photo by Tony)

Taking a quick break (photo by Jen)

Looking down on the military complex and terraces (photo by Tony)

Buena Vista (photo by Vin)

Stepping Out (photo by Tony)

Tim, being a little edgy (photo by Tony)

Ladder (photo by Tony)

Mountainview (photo by Tony)

Vin taking it all in (photo by Tony)

Looking back towards the Ceremonial Center (photo by Vin)

Stonework (photo by Tony)

Looking down at Pisac (photo by Tony)

Vin at the red rock stop (photo by Jen)

Tim, taking a picture of Pisac (photo by Vin)

On the descent (photo by Vin)

Little girl who followed us down the mountain wrapped onto her mom's...

Tony: We took a bus from Cusco to Pisac. Then we took a taxi up the valley to a ticket booth. We got our tickets and started hiking around some awesome Inca ruins. We made our way along a ridge with sharp cliffs on each side of us. Near the end of the mountain we reached an Incan military base with a great view of Pisac. We then descended steep tariffs that lead straight back down to the village of Pisac.

(Hiked 7.48 HARD miles)

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