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The pumping guy ready to go - Like the name? "Sweets"!

Gettin 'er done!

Today we took the truck to Bish's RV so they could install the SuperFifth hitch. We strongly considered the air hitch, but ended up with the SuperFifth because of the suspension and MoreRyde hitch pin on the coach. We don't need it back immediately, so they will most likely have the truck for one to two weeks.

Things seem to be coming together with the house sale also. The appraisal was done last week and this past Thursday we met with the buyers to see what furnishings they might like to "buy" and it gave them the opportunity to ask us about certain aspects of the house. They are so excited to finish the school year (he's a teacher) so they can get moved in. They asked if we could stay in the house so it would not be left vacant, so we did some figuring and the things they want come to the same amount we would pay them in rent so voila!...we leave a few things for them and we don't pay a mortgage payment or rent for 45 days. What a great arrangement!

Their lender requested that the septic be pumped....another sure sign that the sale is really going to happen! The septic got pumped yesterday and the lender required water test was done when they did their walk-through on Thursday.

According to the real estate agent, the loan should be out of underwriting by the end of next week, so the closing looks like it's right on schedule.

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