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We thought at first that the Tierra Wools store was closed.


We ventured in and Kaye greeted us.


The cozy store was warmed with an old stove.

Kaye and Anne

Sophia is the director of weaving instruction

Nancy is working on a tapestry. It is slow work.

There were many skeins to choose from

There were a dozen looms in the work room

This one is just about ready to go

A photo of the four horned Churro Sheep

Another photograph

Raw wool in the back room where they dye it

They ship around the world

Some finished weavings

There were many such pieces hanging in the two display rooms

These hats were in the front window.

The Lama (which means mud) main building, "The Dome." It survived a...

Beth came to greet us and then showed us around.

We parked in the lower lot.

It was a walk up the hill.

They use solar for their power.

The kitchen and dining building

Working the soil for a potato patch

Some spring blossoms

It was so great to see Beth again. She has been here...



The interior of the dome where the community meets

As we sat down to dinner the heavens opened in a thunderous...

The storm in the mountains

The next morning Beth showed us the spring

It was flowing well after the heavy rain the night before

Lovely new growth Aspen were filling the voids left after the fire.


Beth's house

We chatted all morning

Inside a new building. We examined the straw construction in various stages.



We left just before the rain began again. It was a slow,...

Wednesday - Thursday

We drove back into northern New Mexico and stopped at Tierra Wools in Los Ojos. Anne had a wonderful time looking at the yarns. Some of the wool comes from the four horned Churro Sheep. Tom documented the visit where we met 3 weavers.

We then continued on our way to visit our friend Beth at Lama Foundation north of Taos, where she has lived now for several years. Lama is an intentional community high up on a mountain at 8500', which also gives summer retreats and workshops and host interns for the summer as well. About seven or so people live there year-round. We were so happy to see Beth and enjoyed meeting the rest of the community and touring the land with Beth. We stayed the night in the RV in their parking lot. It rained hard that night, for the first time in awhile, and started up again just as we left at noon - a long drive down a rough dirt road which was quite tricky! We then drove on the Raton, NM on the Colorado border near I-25, which starts us towards home.

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