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Thanks again to those who have replied to our requests with information we will be needing for our training workshops. If anyone has anything, get in touch with us. Again, here's a little recap of what we'll need:

Robin's workshops will be educating health care professionals on info they can provide to the communities they serve. Please understand that their training is minimal but at the same time they need to place emphasis on some important issues such as HIV/AIDS, STIs, Malaria, and Vitamin Mineral defficiencies. Robin want to keep the material as interactive as possible, ie)statistics, worksheets, short/relevant descriptions of prevention/treatment/etc of these diseases. We were told that these people will believe anything from the western world.

Jerome's workshops are geared towards primary school teachers. The topics that this workshop will deal with are: lesson planning, classroom management, teaching aids, teacher ethics, effective use of curriculums.

Robin and I are at the US embassy in Monrovia today with 2 other PAC volunteers. It's a beautiful day and we had to bargain hard for 2 taxis to get here. We left that to our African brothers though as we are still not up to speed on the costs.

We stopped at GTZ earlier and still need to go to the USAID and UNAID offices yet. Also, the PAC staff has arranged a meeting with people from the Liberian Board of Education for me this afternoon. Talk about overwhelming... both me and Robin are up to our necks with expectations. PAC seems to want to showcase us as much as possible while we are here. The presence of aid agencies is humongous here and every small NGO (like PAC) is after a piece of the pie. Anyways, we'll see what happens.

Our work thus far has been pretty rewarding. Today we are dropping off letters at humanitarian aid agencies to see if they can help us with any funding. Canadian presence seems to carry a lot of weight when it comes to meeting with these agencies.

We are getting kicked off of the computers here so until next time!!

Jerome and Robin

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