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We flew up to Nong Kai today and it is absolutely amazing.

From Udon we took a 45 minute bus ride up to Nong Kai, and I saw my first water buffalo...they are everywhere here, that and rice fields.

We dropped my things off at Sean's apartment and it is incredible. It's right on the Mekong river overlooking all of Nong Kai from his balcony and over to Laos on the other side of the river. Then we drove around on his motor bike to get a real tour of Nong Kai, the people up here don't see Americans very often so many people would say "pha long" and stare at us when we drove by them meaning foreigner. Nong Kai is amazing...there are so many tropical plants and trees, gigantic banana plants and everything is green. We drove up and down three main streets and I haven't seen one other white person, this is REAL Thailand. Everyone of Sean's Thai friends here are so friendly, and welcomed me to Nong Kai. I can see why he loves it here so much. It started pouring this evening while we were riding around, I guess this is what they call the "wet season". I woke up to a storm last night that I thought was going to kill me because the lightening and thunder was so intense.

We're planning to stay here in Nong Kai for the week, and I am going to try and help Sean teach his little ones some English while I am here...which I cannot wait to do, I met some of them today, and they are so adorable in their little uniforms bowing to say hello to me.

That's about all for today, I'm still pretty pooped from traveling so we're taking it easy tonight...

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