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Our New to us 94 Burb

Hi Everyone.

As you may have noticed we have a new website blog. Our old one at yahoo ( was giving us problems with loading photos so we started checking for another. After many days of searching we found this site. It is connected to (of which we have been members since early 2005) so we figured it would be a good place to go for our new site.

The photo we added today is oe of the pictures we tried to add on the other site. It shows our "new to us" Burb. We are very happy with this new vehicle and we are very glad we found it! It will be a great addition to our travels.

On our previous site we mentioned a gift Peter & I gave each other - a gift we wanted to show to friends before Peter would let me post on our site. Well here this is it.....a new to us 94 Suburban! Yes, Peter happened to be scanning the local paper and noticed this advertisement. He couldn't believe the price, so he called, and then we went to look. When we arrived we looked at each other and said, 'that can't be the truck'. It looked too good for the price. Maybe he made a mistake? Long story short we got the truck - could not pass up the deal. Checked around and found we got the truck for less than half the value - a great deal. It has everything we did not have on the 82 - power windows, doors, cloth seats, 4x4, heaters front and back, tinted windows, bucket seats, rear window wiper and the list goes on! We can't believe our luck! We are very pleased with this new purchase.

Just one minor glitch....while in Vancouver we had a transmission problem and due to the electronics (these newer vehicles) and the seasonal closures of businesses we did not have our vehicle for 6 long long long days! Not happy! Missed doing and seeing much of what we hoped - and we did not get home till 4 days after we originally planned - mind you it gave us more time off work! All in all things worked out. We got the transmission rebuilt, the problem fixed and we still have a truck that is now (with the new costs) worth just around what the book price says for this vehicle and condition! So, we could try, but it won't pay to complain.....after all is said and done - we are happy.

To top things off, during all this Peter came down with bronchitis and a very high fever over New Years (3 nights to be exact) - yes he is better now. Hope you had a fantastic New Year and all the best for 2008! Wishing you, Peter & Connie

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