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Cool cameras attached to the underbelly of the plane!!

View from Hotel Room

View from Hotel Room

Roof Top Pool

Skytrain in Bangkok

HeHe.. Virgin

Art at Weekend Market

Craziness of Market

Us in front of Hotel

View from front of Hotel

So after 16 hours on a plane, various hours more in an airport, a slighty scary taxi ride to the hotel that couldn't find us in their computers (but somehow found us in somedata base) we're here! It seems like and i think we did lose a day or three somewhere but we're adjusting. It's Sunday at about 11:15am and we're crusing the local shopping complex (which is really more like a crazy compound) and just taking it all in. The weather is sunny and about 85 degrees. It's really beautiful out. (side note for the mom's - we tried calling but couldn't get a line out - it might be a few days before you hear from us but we're working on it!!!)We're both doing well (barring my typical clutziness - I tripped over this steel pipe that was sticking out of the groud because I was too busy gwaking at my surroundings) but onthe plus side if we do get sick we can get pretty much any drug we need over the counter. Oh, and the food is SO GOOD. LOVE the fruit!!!

I have to mention this - we're at this internet cafe place and the screens are like the size of our TV! They are freaking ginormous and really doing my head in right now. We had a dumb Amercian moment where we (or I should say me) couldn't figure out how to log on. The password was in Thai - and there are Thai symbols on the keyboard. Totally trippy but way cool.

Bangkok- I really don't even know where to begin here. This place is HUGE! I don't really know why it's compared to Vegas - I don't see it but it does move pretty fast. So far every one we've met has been super nice and helpful. The accent/ language barrier is a bit hard to deal with at times but we're trying to learn as much Thai as possible. The hotel is pretty sweet. The rooms are way nice and we have a closet that you could sleep in - it's a little weird but at least we have enough space to store all of our crap! We're just trying ot take in as much as we can in our time here. It's a bit overwhelming right now - so much to do and trying to get to it without spending too much but it's an adventure and that's what we wanted.

OK - our time's about up so I'll stop babbling and nect tiem we'll post som epics!! Maybe hitting up a fashion show tonight! IT's fashion week in bangkok and Paul's thrwoign me a bone!

Till next time!!

Shawana & Paul

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