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First Fish Kiss of the Trip

John's Bonita

Heading to Shore at Bahia Santa Maria

The One that Got Away

Money Shot at Cabo

Cathy with a 'Kitty'

Last Night Together at Senor Sweets

Erik and Sacha's Cruise Ship Entering Cabo San Lucas

Erik and Sacha in Cabo San Lucas Heading Back to the Cruise...

Well here we sit at Cafe Sweets in Cabo drinking margaritas so we can get free wifi (lol)! About 80 degrees now in the shade.

About the journey....

We have two salty dogs with us that made the journey successfully! No seasickness, reduced rations and shift work/night watches. Can you believe they did this for fun? Yeah we are all still speaking to each other and having fun. We had about 5 overnighters in total. We stopped at Cedros Island first and were offered 12 lobsters for $30.00. Can you believe we turned them down as I was cooking chicken! Nutso...

Stopped in Turtle Bay and walked around town. Had a panga fill us with fuel (interesting) and walked the dusty town. Stopped in their humble Inglesia (church) and thanked God we made it that far. Next stop was Bay of Santa Maria with 20-25 knots of wind steady all night. Yes, the anchor held. Then we found ourselves arriving in Cabo San Lucas. The Baja HaHa group is here so we are anchoring outside the harbor as no slips are available. That saves us about $160.00 per night. You would think that you could get more than electricity and city water for that! Well, that's Cabo. Big Fishing tournament in town. Lots of testosterone here...We caught lots of fish on the way down on John's hand line; yellowtail, bonita, yellow fin, dorado. Saw marlin jumping, school of thousands of dolphings, turtles floating, bat rays flying, sea snake, and a dead flying fish on deck when we arrived in Cabo. Eating sashimi everyday thanks to the wasabi I packed.

John and Cathy will depart on Monday or Tuesday. Good news is that my brother Erik will be arriving in Cabo on Monday on a cruise ship with my mail.

Glad to be on land and not cooking for a few days. Miss you all, but not your weather.

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