R & J Cross Country 2007 travel blog

Rachel:Omg Omg yesterday we drove to BEVERLY HILLS!!!!!!!!!!!! i havnt seen any starz yet but im hoping. The way we got there was wierd though. We went through a wierd hill thingy and i thought the car would overheat! well thats all.

Ciao, <3 Rachel


The slums of Beverly Hills but still Beverly Hills. We went for a trip down memory lane. I took Rachel to Venice Beach to see pre_Coast guard john's old stomping grounds and I told her some censored stories of the bad old days.

No pictures today I need to buy batteries for the camera and so can not upload.

Tonight we are driving to Aunt Onge's in Chula Vista and we have tickets to see the Padres tonight at the new Petco Field!

Driving went weel yesterday - eight hours/500 miles. We finished the Golden Compass and now we have to hopefully find a book store that has book 2 - The Subtle Knife.

Later tater - John

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