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We left Sarasota on Monday August 7th. It was sad to leave our friends behind but at the same time we were excited about our adventure. I jad already convinced Trev, by that time, that Disney would be a nightmare in the hot summer school vacation sun and we agreed that we could always pop in on our way back. I also decided not to go the Salvador Dali Museum as it would delay us and I was anxious to see how long it would take for us to get to our destination. (Trev says the RV goes from 1-60 in six minutes and i really don't think that's too much of an exageration. This thing is a house on wheels and it pulls like one.)Our destination was Wakiwa Springs which was approximately 20 minutes NW of Orlando.

The drive was very relaxing. (You can't help but just sit back and relax when you're moving so slowly.)We arrived at Wakiwa Springs in the early afternoon. As soon as we had unpacked the bicycles we headed for the fresh water springs which were in the State Park about a mile down the road. (We had been told by the park rangers that the black bears in the park had been very active recently but unfortunatley we didn't spot any. We did spot a few dear though.)The water in the springs was icey cold but wonderfully refreshing and in a beatiful natural setting with oak trees surrounding the lake on three side and a sloped grassy bank on the one side for sun worshipers.

Apparently the springs were originally the site of a native indian tribe. Of course white people came and messed up that arrangement but partially redeemed themselves by declaring the area a natural treasure and have been preserving it since the 1970's.

Our first outing had been a success and we headed back to camp and spent the evening quietly.

The next day we were headed for the historically prized and interesting little city of St Augustine.

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