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Chinky and Ray - pre-bbq

Charlotte Lodey and Annie

Hollie + Gareth

Helen + Hoodie

Ray, Mum and Dave at the bbq

After the bbq... Chris finishes another Breezer!

Charlie looking sheepish...

The playing cards come out...

Tensions rise as Charlie takes a swig of neat Bacardi!

End of a messy effort - 2k is calling!

Gareth + Jimmy at 2k

Helen + Jenny at Club 2k

Pete, Lindsey, Lisa, Gareth, Sharps, John + Helen at 2k

From L -> R: Des, Pete, Kelly, Gareth, Helen, Sharpy, Chinks +...

The usual suspects...

Kelly, Chinky + Johnny at 2k

Lee, Annie, Gareth, Charlie + Chinkster

Ellie + Gareth

Boris, Little G and Chinky

Chinky, Gareth + Helen!

G, Chinks + Scottish - 2k style

End of the night - Gareth and Chinky looking slightly worse for...

With only one week to go Gareth had a barbeque and a few quiet drinks for friends and collegues at his place... As the rain set in we realised that the event would have to take place within the shelter of the kitchen, but none the less, much meat and veggie grub was consumed by all. The fun moved on into the living room, which then gave way to one of James Tresize's famed drinking games. We all then marched off to 2k (via Bar SCUK) for continued fun and banter! Cheers to Chinky for 'Most Original Use Of A "Bubble and Sqeak" T-shirt.

Once at 2k all the SCUK lot turned up to make the night truly memorable!


Down to business! 7 days to go now and things are getting scary. Helen and I have both found it very hard to let go of all our family and friends after such a fantastic summer. We're now packing our rooms up, chucking things out and washing clothes in preparation. Gareth has his final jab on Thursday with the second of the Hep B, and Helen is now all boosted up. Helen opted for the Rabies jab, but Gareth has opted to take the risk - stay away all you doggies!!

Final goodbyes are now taking place for friends - this weekend coming we have Helen's goodbye barbie on the Bank Holiday Monday - look out for pictures soon! Tuesday is Chinky's 21st - that should be another big day as it is our last night in Penzance!

On Wednesday we're heading up to London to get used to the real world of hustle and bustle before Thursday's flight... Anyway.. it's an excuse to 1. go shopping in Oxford Street (Helen) 2. Go on the London Eye (Gareth) and 3. Meet up with Gareth's old friend and collegue (well.. boss actually!) from Uni DJ days Simon Francis.

Thursday's big flight from Heathrow Terminal 4 is at 3.15pm - so think about us when we're up there, yeah??!

Until next time...

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