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Shaylyn in Chicago with one of her many fake friends! The cow...

Kerry-Ann also in Chicago with a fake friend

Shaylyn with dodgy arms up the Sears Tower

We have arrived.

We got to Chicago without any more injuries, pretty good for us we feel, and made it to the hostel, only having attracted one very odd person to talk to on the bus.

For those of you who know where Shay lives, you will undertand the next point, those who don't just imagine student hovel!. We arrived at the hostel and the door was opened by a very odd looking man who was more hairy than Rob, had no idea who we were and invited us in anyway! The place was dark and dingy and Shaylyn, still concussed, was about to cry. She thought she had gone home!

As it turned out, the place isn't that bad, it is clean although very shabby last decorated circa 1800? we went out for food, then crashed until Saturday morning, when everything seemed still shabby but better.

We spent the whole day walking round Chicago, looking in shops, drinking beer on the Pier and Shaylyn hanging outside NBC tower to see if she could spot famous people. (very embarassing for me). Had good food yesterday, Italian, very large portions, but very tasty. When we got back spend couple of hours talking random crap to other people staying at the hostel.

Please remember this is the start of the trip, the entries will get shorter, but more interesting as the trip goes on.

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