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Beach in Mumbai

Our first sunset in Mumbai


Well I made it here safely! Me and Lucy are currently escaping the heat and chaos outside by sitting in a quiet air conditioned internet cafe.

The journey here was OK. I quiet enjoyed the sky plus style TV on the plane and endless episodes of Scrubs helped the 9 hrs pass. Also had my first experience of real turbulance but it only lasted half hour.

Dubai airport is amazing and a total contrast Mumbai airport. Dubai airport seems about three times the size of Heathrow and is modern and bright, Mumbai airport is a corridor - tiny, dirty and covered in bamboo scaffolding. I spent the 4hr wait for Lucy starring intensly at my book and trying not to catch the eye of any of the millon indian men watching me. Also thanks to a power cut I now have the answer to the age old question 'How many Indian men does it take to change a lightbulb?'. Answer: About 12 and it's a very noisy afair. I also have to say a big thanks to my Mum for making me take some tissues, that was a godsend when I went to use the fly ridden toilet with just a tap!

I don't know why I was telling people it would be 10-20 degrees in India, because I was completely wrong. It's about 35 but feels much hotter. Me and Lucy have done nothing but sweat since we got here. (There's a nice image for you all!)

The streets of Mumbai are crazy and a ride in a rickshaw is quite exciting. I have no idea how they dont crash into each other, their technique seems to be to beep lots and if there is a jam ahead just squeeze through and start your own lane. Were also starting to get the hang of crossing the road - wait for the slightest gap in the 2 - 5 lanes and run! Rickshaws seem to be the best way to get about and what would cost 25 pounds back home is 150 ruppes about 2 pounds, we may even get it cheaper with a bit more practice. We haven't been hasseled by beggers etc as much as I expected and ignoring them works really well. I think all the practice of walking up and down park street has paid off.

Yesterday we went for a walk along the beach with palm trees and a million indians all playing cricket. We watched the sun set which was beautiful and it's great to know there's loads more of those to come.

Today we are at the 'Gate to India' which is a big tourist area and have finally seen a couple of other non-Indian tourists. We were beggining to wonder why no one else was here.

So far we have eaten a pizza (which was tasty and a total blow to the diet plan) and chips from McDonalds! We do plan to start eating the local food but are waiting until after the 10hr train journey tonight.

There are other comforts from home here as Lucy managed to find Friends and Indian Big Brother on the TV, although we won't be staying anywhere with a TV again for quiet some time.

The jet lag isn't too bad. Neither of us slept for 36hrs on the way here, I managed to get 10hrs last night but was awake between 1 and 4 am. I don't think Lucy got much sleep as it was really noisy outside but luckily I have a natural tallent for sleeping.

Right time to face the heat, smell and millions of cars and people outside. (I'll add some pictures for this later as I forgot the attachment)

Hope you are all well,



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