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Monday 8th

The day began for Lesley and I when the ship passed the Ambrose Tower and we were joined by the pilot boat which positioned itself under our cabin window. We sailed under the Verizzano Bridge around 5.00hrs and had docked by 07.50hrs.

All the kitchen and restaurant staff were extremely tense as the ship awaited its annual coastguard inspection. Because of this breakfast was poor, we were late disembarking and the ship was late setting off in the evening.

If the Seven Wonders of the World were experiences and not places, then arriving in New York by the QE2 must surely be among their number. The day was magical and our tour seemed to include absolutely every location, including by now the obligatory visit to ground zero. An impromptu stop included a visit to a jazz club the 'Big Apple Jazz' in Harlem, where an elderly gentleman complete with grey stubble a tattered straw hat and shabby clothes complemented me in impeccable English on my choice of jazz music. [He was perched at the bar drinking a whisky.] I responded by complementing him on his English and asked him how long he had lived in Harlem. He told me he was a passenger on the QE2!!!

Lesley and I had a romantic lunch in the restaurant Harbour Lights overlooking Brooklyn Bridge. The weather was raining but warm. As we passed the apartment where Jackie Onassis used to live and take her children to play in the park across the road I couldn't help thinking how arbitrarily fate dealt with people, even the great and the good.

On a previous visit to New York I was asked to give three reasons why I loved the city. My reasons were:- the man who returned my daughter and her friend safely to their hotel when they had become lost in the Bronx. When thanked, he said he would expect her father to do the same for his daughter. On the second occassion the Maitre De of a restaurant allowed the school choir to literally sing for their supper when they found they couldn't pay the full amount of the bill. When Uncle Bernard fought alongside a GI in Normandy the GI gave him a book as a present. The book was called "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" and is the story of the indominatable spirit of a New York family.

Uncle Bernard used to say if a New Yorker was born in England he would have been born in Yorkshire.

We set sail this evening for Fort Lauderdale

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