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Our Bungalow on the beach!

Our Bungalow on the beach!

Coco Palm's private beach

Our living room

Our bedroom and bathroom

The pool

The restaurant

The breakfast room

On arriving... as soon as we saw our cabin, 12 metres from the ocean, we got a beer and stood on the terrace area watching the waves in the moonlight and breathing deeply of the musky warm air. Hmmmmm... now we were free...

Well, this place really was a postcard from the tropics!! Wow! White sands, turquiose sea, timber cabins... Thai hospitality (more of that later...).

One small problem though, we had arrived at the tail end of their rainy season and so the weather was changeable to say the least! One night produced the most almighty storm I have ever experienced! We were awoken, shaking in our bed, in the small hours of the morning by a deafening crash! Then light streamed in through the windows and the walls shook! We started to question the solidity of our cabin's Thai craftmanship...but all held together well, however we lost the movie channel that night due to lightening hitting the main aerial RIGHT NEXT TO OUR CABIN... no wonder it was loud!!

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