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Church in capital city, Paramaribo

In front of a Taxi company

Ethan catches his first Gecho

Old Zeelandia Fort

Schaaf ijs (a cool treat in the hot sun)

Posing with an old mailbox

Restored traditional house in Paramaribo

Waiting for restoration

Too many cars in the city. Check out beautiful buildings in the...

We arrived in the capital of Suriname at 2 am and drove to Papa's on the newly paved roads. The next day we went to the city to look for possible Eco Tours that we could go on without risk of Malaria. We also did some sight seeing. Paramaribo is a beautiful city. It is also very busy and we could not believe all the cars on the road. Traffic here is a constant. Though the country is third world we were surprised to see how much it has changed for the better in just over a year. There is alot of building and restoration and the city is in the midst of improving the roads. There are also alot of tourists in the city and the stores are all packed. A good sign of the direction of the economy! We are awaiting the festivities for New Year's. Every night we hear and see fireworks going off in the city. It seems we hear a few more everyday as we get closer to New Year's Eve.

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