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Went to Sentosa today on the 'Hippo' and had a great day. It was intermingled with lots of Japenese people staring at me and asking to have photo's with me. Mum and I got a bit sick of it there for a while as some of it was just blatant staring and pointing. She didn't like the rudness of it. They're not real subtle people. One theory is that they thought 'wholly crap, check out the size of that chick' but they looked at Mum too. The other that Mum came up with is that they mistook me for someone famous. Such as that chick from 'The Practice'. Well I have been told that I look like her. Either way, sometimes it was nice and other times we moved away.

The Butterfly enclosure was wonderful. It had many displays of butterflys from all over the world. Some are just massive and it was also nice to walk in the enclosure being surrounded by them and having them land on you. Made for some good photo's.

Sentosa has a nightly laser show that I missed the first time here and was very glad to see this time around. It is musical and magical and well worth staying later for. It won't be held in this spot much longer as it has to be moved so that they can build a small casino in it's spot. Yep, Singapore has not only allowed smoking to be legal(which seems to be contributing to the street rubbish that didn't exist last time) but is now going to have gambling. The place is going to the dogs!

Visit Sentosa

When leaving Sentosa on the Hippo we continued onto a night tour of Singapore. It stopped every now and then so we could get off and have a look around and maybe buy some souveniers.

Leaving for Dubai tomorrow and it's hotter there so we will see how we go. Still spending the multitude of our food money on drinks.

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