Ben and Kirsteen's World Trip 2005/6 travel blog

Kirsty drinking "Nine Lives Juice" - presumably made from cats but tasted...

The name's Bang-Bang, Kiss-Kiss Bang-Bang (as they call 007 over here)

B: Arrived at PEK airport very tired after failing to sleep on the plane. Went through the administrative hell that is Chinese passport control and customs. Decided to settle in with drink at a traditional KFC. Got to the hostel after short-changing a taxi driver by accident - we didn't know the difference between a 5 Wu note and a 5 Yuan note (there are 10 Wu to 1 Yuan) - and the poor man didn't know how to explain our error to us!

K: Totally exhausted but glad to be here and was most amused by the baggage carousel that had soft toy pandas grazing on astro-turf in the middle!

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