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Joe's Pond, West Danville, Vt

Views in Northeast Kingdom, Vt

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Cold River Campground

June 10, Plattsburgh to Eddington, Maine (just east of Bangor)

We left about 6:30 am on a beautiful, sunny day.  The temperature was in the low 80's most of the day.  Of course, there always seems to be something that doesn't go as planned…We didn't think to check the tire air pressure before we left and so discovered we needed to add air.  Never have we ever had so much difficulty adding air. I think the machine had a problem… Anyways, it delayed us 45 or more minutes, fighting with the machine to get air into, not out of the tires!  Luckily, the rest of the trip went well. The roads in Vermont were horrible, full of potholes. But the rest were good. The views were so beautiful, especially in Northeast Vermont and New Hampshire, with different  shades of green and magnificent views of the mountains. Maine was pretty too with the road following some beautiful rivers. Of course there were many, many Moose Crossing signs. We didn't see any Moose though, as I think they move more at dawn and dusk.  Gas in Lancaster, NH was 2.49 as compared to our 2.84 and that's the Sam's Club price… We passed some spots that brought back happy memories from years and years ago. First was Roger's Campground in Lancaster. My parents loved to camp there and we had brought Jen and Mike there too.  In Jefferson, NH, was Santa's Village and Six Gun City where we used to go as little children. The latter is now closed. We picked up a few supplies at Walmart in Gorham. Our "Rand" McNally GPS, who we've named Brandy as our first name of "Randy" didn't seem right since she's female,  kept trying to get us to turn off our main route. To say she was annoying, is being nice. In Rumford, Maine, they have a big statue of Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox, but it's not even close to the huge one in Minnesota. If you ever went to Rumford, Maine years ago, you'd remember it due to the stench of the paper mills.  I'm happy to say that it was not nearly as bad now, probably due to stricter emission standards. We got gas in Palmyra for 2.56 and will top it off tomorrow before entering Canada. For the short time we were on I-95, there were several computerized road signs with cute messages linked to the Boston Bruins playing in the Stanley Cup.  One said, "stay focused, something's bruin"… and another was "speeding is a penalty that will be called". We arrived at the Cold River Campground in Eddington (just east of Bangor) around 5:15. It's nice, with clean showers. Wifi seems to work pretty good at the sites, which is unusual. We also have free cable. We enjoyed a walk around the campground, settled in and had delicious grilled chicken for dinner.  Jim's watching the hockey game, and I'm going to read for awhile. More tomorrow...

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