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immature and mature night herons

lots of vultures - dead manatee in lower left!

turkey vultures have the red faces

who knew they spread their wings like that?

flew away right after this shot

gathering for lunch

Becky up close to egret and cormorant

rare siting of tri-colored heron

immature night heron

yellow-crowned night heron

It was a good day for kayaking and we went to a nearby park that allowed us to travel in canal like waterways near Matlacha. We saw lots of birds and I only got pictures of a few of them. One of the best experiences for me was watching a red-tailed hawk fly away because I saw the details of its tail!

The adult manatee has been dead for quite some time - no smell to it, but the vultures liked the meal!

I liked being behind Becky as she watched a couple of egrets and a cormorant interact with each other. It seemed like the cormorant was chasing the egret away!

After the outing, we went into Matlacha and had ice cream at Great Licks. I had a mixture of chocolate and toasted coconut! YUM!

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