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Liz at a statue in Oslo

Grace and mom at the water statue

Liz at the Palace

Ardis, Liz, guard and Grace at the palace

It's less than 24 hours before Joy and I leave on another trip. We are going with Road Scholar to the Scandinavian capitals. Adding a day trip to Eastonia and a few days to Iceland. Should be a great trip!

Just printed my boarding pass (with Paul's help) and he helped me to get organized with a little computer. I'm so thankful he's so helpful and supportive.

Have been looking through my photos of when I went to Norway with my mom and her sisters (grace, Lillian, olive and ardis) 26 June to 10 July 1983. Have been looking through photos and remembering....A few days before we left on the trip, mom's basement flooded (after a big rainstorm). I remember mom said she was not going on the trip as a result of the flood. I remember grace and olive telling mom, "no, we are going". I think Lee and Jane Carlson helped to clean out the basement and we were able to go on the trip as planned!

we had a great time and mom and I talked about that trip for many years.

Can't believe I'm going back to Norway! Someday, I want to go back to where the group went in 1983....but for now I'll settle for going to Oslo!

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