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2018-10-15. The Push Home

The closer we get to home, the more we want to be home though not for the additional responsibilities that entails; Miss the kids, grandkids and friends. So, since eating our way through Springfield, Illinois, we have been spending our days pushing through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and now, Pennsylvania. We could have gone further faster but we try to avoid the interstates with all their truck traffic. So, we took US 36 across the heartland until near Muncie, Indiana. The KOA in Anderson/Muncie is really nice with long pull throughs and hosts who guide you to and help park you in the sites. There was a pretty hiking trail so Roadie got to stretch his legs. In Bellville, Ohio, we stayed at River Trail Crossing which is OK for a night though getting out of our site was problematic with big rocks strategically located in such a way that without unhooking the Jeep, we couldn't get out. That said, the people who owned the park were very nice and there is a wonderful rails to trails path located right next to the park so Roadie and I took a long walk in the crisp fall air. Overnight it started to rain and the drive into western Pennsylvania was not fun with wind and rain wreaking havoc on Bob and on our side lower mirror which we left somewhere in Ohio. That meant, of course, that we had to stop and find a "make due" substitution. Now, we're sitting in a Walmart parking lot in Clearfield, PA toasting our final night on the road with Bloody Marys because, of course, we had to finish up the vodka. (Query why PA is still behind every other state in its laws regarding the sale of beer, wine or liquor in a grocery store or Walmart in PA?)

Thoughts to conclude this journal? It's a really long drive to the left coast but the Olympic peninsula was worth the trip with its high peaks, forest primeval and rugged, sea-slashed coastline. It is also worth a return trip. I'm still trying to find something positive about Kansas though I certainly admire the farmers and ranchers who eke a living from the plains and supply us with food. Colorado, Montana, Oregon, South Dakota and Wyoming have lots to offer especially given the contrast between the desert-scapes and mountains vistas. We had a wonderful opportunity to get a flavor of life in the farming mid-west by traveling through the little towns. And, having to use our over the air antenna after the satellite croaked again, gave us a really good flavor for farm and ranch priorities with Christian programming predominating, followed by presentations about farm and ranch issues. These are the folks who voted for our current President and universally, we heard that they hated what he says and how he says it but like what he has done though it was unclear to me precisely what that was, and I never did get a sense of how the farmers and ranchers have benefited. But the non-stop, negative, political ads were no different in the west than we hear at home though the "all hat, no cows" was a uniquely western slant. We met some wonderful new friends (Graham and Carin) and loved seeing our relatives and "old" friends. Another great trip to end the 2018 season. Thanks to Wal-Mart too for offering a parking lot in which to stay, and even in small towns, groceries and liquor (except in PA).

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