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Ready to board the train in Verons

Heading back to the Marco Polo Airport

The countryside flashes past

A very nice room in the Best Western Hotel in Venice


She is

A very nice crispy appetizer

Steak with "hay"

Scampi with spaghetti

Claws on the scampi

A "spork"

Lovely dessert - Owl & Pussycat used a runcible spoon - just...

Breakfast the next morning

Lunch in the Marco Polo Airport

Our plane

One last look at Venice

Ready to land in NYC

A memorable sunset back in Venice

Tuesday, Sept 20, 2016 Leaving Verona & Heading home from Venice

We checked out of the Juliet and Romeo Hotel in the afternoon and took a taxi to the train station. We were becoming experienced train travelers. The trip was just under one hour. It was a bright sunny day unlike the rainy day that had brought us to Verona. There are two stops for Venice. One is near the Marco Polo Airport and the other is right in the island city. We were ready to head home and our train ride terminated at the airport stop. We had booked the Best Western Hotel and much to our surprise, it was just a few hundred feet from the station - very convenient!

After checking in, Tom strolled down the street to check out the local restaurants. He found that the menus at all the eating establishments were practically the same. (Was there a central kitchen which served them all?) The hotel had as good a menu as the ones down the street and it was actually a surprisingly good dinner. Anne had a chef special - spaghetti with shrimp(with the head and claws) and Tom wanted to try the beef steak with “hay.” It turned out that the hay was actually a mixture of herbs and spices which the waiter carefully removed from the top of a rib steak. A delicious dessert was served with a "spork" - a combo spoon and fork. That reminded Anne of the “Owl and the Pussycat” poem where they ate with a runcible spoon. We slept well, had breakfast (seems we are always eating), and took a taxi to the airport where we wandered around until we found the place to check in - it was downstairs. European airports are not as straightforward as in the USA.

Our trip to JFK in New York was long and uneventful. We got to watch 3 movies including an excellent one from Ron Howard, “In the Heart of the Sea.” Our fears about JFK were dissipated since our last encounter. Delta has gotten its act together. Terminal 4 customs and baggage recheck is far smoother than it was a few years ago.

We arrived back in the Rochester airport almost on time and headed home around midnight. It had been a 22-hour traveling day and we were exhausted to say the least. It was great to be back in our own bed. But being intrepid travelers and explorers, we began to plan our next trip the very next day! See you all in the winter (Jan-Feb) when we head to Costa Rica and another voyage with Azamara along the Pacific coast of central America and Mexico.

See you then!

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