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May 24th

Happy Birthday Pat. Sorry we cannot call but glad you got our email card.

Today was a day at sea. We have found a few friends on the staff from our Hawaii/French Polynesia cruise and the WC 2015. It is so much fun to see them

again and interesting how they actually recognize us usually before we recognize them. I have a five bottle wine package so I guess I will be drinking it all myself as Dad does not enjoy wine and our tablemates do not drink. Oh well, Riesling every night is not a bad thing!

We did attend one location guide presentation on the upcoming ports and she did a nice job explaining the history of the ports and what you can see and do while we are there. I have to say it is not really too cold yet. We were able to sit out for a while with a light coat on and a wool lap blanket wrapped around my legs and feet. We tested out the casino; as usual no luck there. Went to Happy Hour in the Ocean Bar as our bar server Gilbert wanted us to come there where he would be serving…so we did! We also know the wine assistant from the Statendam 35 day Hawaii and French Polynesia Cruise and Paul from the Amsterdam World Cruise. He has been promoted to a Hotel Director and is “training” on the Maadam while waiting a contract opening as a Hotel Director. An older beverage server out on the Lido recognized us from the WC as well. So every time he sees us, he comes running over to serve us. We also recognized a passenger from the Statendam cruise and spoke with him for a short time. He seems to be alone this time, but not sure. Dinner tonight is in the Pinnacle and our tablemates from California are joining us. We really do enjoy their company.

Dinner was great, I love eating in the Pinnacle. We sat around talking to well after ten so we missed the show again. We were the last out of the Pinnacle and I am sure the staff was happy to see us go so they could clean up and get out themselves.

Off to bed as tomorrow we are in Ketchikan. Our tour tomorrow is Wilderness Exploration and Crab Feast. Of course this one’s for DAD!

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