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map of our journey with stops identified

Ubud, Bali hotel-from the brochure. Comparison to real life coming!

private pool with our villa

very cool bathroom

outdoor shower

Each adventure has it's own challenges and this one is TIME. Due to a myriad of factors, we have never taken a really long trip. In fact, the longest ever was our recent trip to Greece at 23 days. This one is slated for 37! It seemed necessary as it is so FAR and the country is so BIG. John is not really sure how he feels about being gone for over 5 weeks (well, he MAY be sure but is unwilling to express it to me LOL). And then there is the 35 hour airplane undertaking to get to the starting point, Bali. We have eased the pain with upgrades, so hopefully getting some rest on the 17 hour trip to Sydney will help. Then we have 9 hours in the Sydney airport and another 6 1/2 on a Jetstar dreamliner 787 to get to Denpasar, Bali. Preparation and packing has been the usual challenge-it is spring/summer down under and it has been quite hot and humid already in Bali, so I have piles of options stacked up but the ever-present airline limitations will dictate what actually gets packed IN the suitcase. This trip will have much less access to the internet, so posts may be fewer and farther between. BUT I will attempt to keep you apprised of the sights and sounds we experience along the way. Check out the itinerary for the overview..and be sure and post comments (only I can see them, so don't be shy-I love knowing that someone is actually READING this!).

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