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View of Calgary from Campground

Ski Jump at Olympic Park next to Campground

Our trailer in the foreground and the other Okanagan Trailer in the...

We set off this morning with a truck full of what was supposed to be the "last minute" items for the trailer. At the storage facility we packed them away and got underway. It was a lovely sunny day and we had a good drive. As usual, the road between Edmonton and Calgary was busy. The number of trucks on the road gave lie to the notion that the low oil prices are affecting our economy.

We stopped in Red Deer and had a light lunch at the Donut Mill then arrived at the campground in Calgary just before 3:30pm. As we drew in a very excitable lady came across and wanted to know how long we had had our trailer, where we had got it and how we liked it. She and her husband had one of the same make, but the same as Darcy's parents and other friends of ours - that is to say, a bit longer and with another slideout. To say she was delighted with her unit would be an understatement, and when I tried to explain that we had looked at others as a replacement but had not seen anything we would trade it for, she demanded that we not sell it as it was the best there was! She had been in a campground where another similar unit had come in and she had accosted the owner, only to discover that it was the salesman who had sold her the unit. When we drew up, she did not think I looked like him, but had to come over to make certain!

We got set up and Christine phoned our friends here and arranged to have dinner with Sandy & Fiona tomorrow evening.

We Chrstine washed through a few things and we read and did puzzles for the rest of the evening.

Tomoprrow we will have a lazy day around Calgary and have dinner with Sandy & Fiona at night.

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