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Greetings LFOBTs (Loyal Followers of Bill's Travels),

I am now in Los Angeles, CA, or perhaps better known as the City of Angels or Movie Land. You luck out on this posting because there is no photo of the LA airport area or the Holiday Inn Express hotel in which I am staying!

Tonight (5 March) I leave for Auckland, NZ on Air New Zealand, which will be a long flight, but the end, I'm sure, will be worth the effort.

Oh, just a reminder. As I post stuff please keep in mind that the date I use will differ from that where all of you are due to the International Date Line. Hence, when I post my first amazing stuff about Auckland sometime on 7 March, it will be 6 March for you. Beyond that, who cares! I hope you enjoy my postings, and thanks for sharing this adventure with me.


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