Today we started our 2014 sojourn across and around the US and Canada. However, the start was neither what we had hoped for nor what we are used too because the motorhome would not start. Ross had to use the Auxiliary Start system which allows the coach batteries to supplement the starting batteries. Once it started everything seemed to be normal so Ross hit the "D" button on the gear selector and headed out.

After arriving at the campground around 1300 and getting set up Ross tried to test the two starting batteries but because of the location of the batteries he was only able to test one of the two batteries properly and that battery tested to be only marginal but he did find the ground lug was loose which could possibly be the problem or at least a part of the problem. We will continue as we do normally but if things get worse we will stop and install two new chassis batteries. We only hope that this little glitch isn't a precursor to a trip from "Hell".

We drove the 60 miles from home to the Flag City RV Park in Lodi, California where we will be attending our Tiffin Motorhome Club's April outing. The really wild part of this outing is that through no planning or conspiracy our other club, the Concord Caravanners, had also planned to have their April outing at Flag City so we will be enjoying the companionship of both of our clubs at the same time.

As of the time of this writing there is only one other member of the Tiffin Club here and no members of the Concord Caravanners present. The weather is excellent with the outside air temperature estimated to be around 85 degrees with a light breeze and a very bright and warm sun.

We are looking forward to a great weekend and a great 2014 cross country trip.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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