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In preparing to leave this afternoon for Portland to catch my flight, I called Verizon Wireless to double check that I had turned off the proper settings on my Droid 3 so I wouldn't incur outrageous data charges in Europe. (Although I had called them before and was told I just had to turn off data roaming on my phone, when I tried to look for that setting it was not obvious.)

Tech support informed me at this late hour that my DROID 3 doesn't have the capability to turn off data roaming!! Fortunately, I had a really conscientious tech support person and she called and got permission for me to upgrade my phone a little ahead of schedule with no extra charge and pick up a new iPhone 5 at the Verizon store after lunch on my way to Portland. Whew! That was a close one! I have my netbook equipped with Skype with me too but if I am located somewhere without wifi I needed to be able to use my phone without going broke from data roaming charges! I hope this isn't a sign of things to come!

Update: When I got to the Verizon store on Coburg Road, the technician there had a Droid 3 at one time and knew where to turn off data roaming (Under Settings -> Battery and Data Manager instead of the logical Wireless and Networks. Go figure! So I decided to wait on my iPhone 5 upgrade because I didn't really have the time to load my contacts and all of the apps I use in such a short time.

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