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Today I landed in Ica. The city of Ica is the capital of the Ica Region. It borders the Pacific Ocean on the west. Today was 81 and partly cloudy. Great weather for sightseeing. I visited Paracas. It is a small town great for tourists. Feeling hungry I stopped off at a little restaurant. I noticed all the grape vines and winery's around. It is so beautiful here. I decided to order traditional food from the area. I ate dishes made from pallares, or lima beans.I also had some delicious desserts like frijol colado (strained black beans mixed with milk, sugar and sesame seeds) and tejas, which is made of pecan, lemon or figs filled with majarblanco (liquid milk fudge) and covered with a coat or two of sugar glazing. It was magnificently delicious.

After a full stomach I went to the National Reserve of Paracas.

It is located about 42 km from the city of Ica. This is a shelter for sea lions, Humboldt penguins, otters, and dolphins. They also have many birds, including the gray seagull, the Inca tern, the rayador, the cholo ático, the red legged cormorant, and the guanay. The Paracas Reserve, is not only filled with beautiful nature. It is also an important archaeological center with traces of the ancient Paracas Culture. Many great weavers created multicolored cloths. They are true pieces of art.It was so majestic. It was a worderful day in ica.

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