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Yesterday I went to a local sporting goods store and got myself a pair of cargo pants. I figure, hiking pants are much much better to bring than jeans. I read in many websites that in August it's still the monsoon season for Nepal. Jeans would get heavy if it gets wet and harder to dry when I wash em. I still need to get a sleeping bag, not an expensive one, just a decent and not overpriced sleeping bag. I went to Big 5 for sleeping bag but all they got are heavy and bulky ones. I saw this sleeping bag in for only about $45ish and weigh only 1.3lbs. I'm not sure how durable it is but I won't be in Nepal for months so, I think a cheap one would suffice.

I still have quite a few things to get, but I'm taking it day by day. I won't be leaving until August 11, so I have plenty of time to gather things. I can get a few of $10 shirts from walmart for my daily wear. The few things that are pretty pricey that I bought for the trip are my technical backpack from North Face($300ish) and my North Face hiking boots ($160ish), oh and a couple of my hiking pants are about 100 each. I wished I didn't get the backpack so soon, cos' turned out that tech packs are pretty heavy and for my daily use, I probably would only need day pack. uggghhh that was Shinta as an impulse shopper.

I started reading the Ramayana and getting in depths with the Hindu religion. I have always been interested in Eastern religions and I think my trip to Nepal would help me with my inner spirituality.

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