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Arlington Ridge Sandhill Crane family behind our house on 8th green. Two...

Thanks for visiting our Trip Journal.

The one photo attached is of the Sandhill Crane family that lives in our commmunity. They walked behind our house on the 8th green last week.

Have a great day.

Truck/RV Talk

Since we arrived home last October, we have made several changes/improvements to our truck and RV.

We were informed by our bankrupt RV manufacturer lawyers that our RV axle bearings were overloaded due to the offset of the wheels and could fail. The axle supplier offered both brake drum type and disc brake type axles at half price and at the same price so we opted to upgrade to disc brakes. For the disc brakes, we had to buy a electric-over-hydraulic pump to power the disc brakes and a new in-truck RV brake controller, but I can now easily check the wear of the brake pads that are exposed next to the brake discs.

We also invested in an RV suspension dampener that takes some of the jolt out of the road potholes that we will experience. In addition, we purchased a new rear A/C unit to replace the original noisy one. The new one does not pipe the cool air in ceiling ducts in the hot ceiling/roof.

We replaced the noisy RV generator with two quieter portable Honda generators that we can hook up in series to power the A/C when we dry camp or when the power goes out at our campgrounds.

For the truck, we had installed a Firestone R4Tech suspension system that uses air bag springs instead of leaf springs to carry the load. The truck chassis height is maintained at the same height whether with our without the RV attached. The air pressure in the air springs and adjustable shocks is changed to maintain the height. When we are not towing the RV, the air bag pressure is 20 PSI that provides a less jarring ride for my special passengers.

I have yet to install the Santa-sourced backup camera that mounts on the RV license plate bracket and the monitor that mounts on the truck rearview mirror. And, also yet to install, are a set of used air horns that were obtained to use only on the interstate highways. : )

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