After a year and a half of spending every spare moment working on the bus we are done and heading off to Alaska.

We did the paint job just this last week. At the TDW Fruita barbecue Charlie told me about his good friend Danny that is an expert body man. He came out to my house and did this spectacular paint job. Thanks Danny.

We got out of Redlands at 8:30 on our way to my warehouse in Gardena for some last minute computer work. On the way I noticed the transmission temperature was running about 240. Way to hot for flat ground driving. Something was already broke and we hadn't gone 20 miles.

When we got to Gardena with some quick checking I found that the fans on the trans cooler weren't running. I had to pull the bicycles and a bunch of other stuff out of the baggage compartment to get to the electrical panel. The circuit breaker for the fans had gone bad.

Someone drove me to a local AutoZone, I got a new breaker for 4 dollars, installed it in a few minutes and we were good to go.

All this afternoon we sat in stop and go LA traffic.

Then we sat in stop and go traffic in the valley.

Then we sat in stop and go traffic in Oxnard.

Were going up the coast to avoid the 100+ weather on I5.

Arrived in Gilroy about 8 pm. 12 hours to make a little over 400 miles. A very long day.

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