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1990 Ford Econoline - Mallard

Wow, we got the RV last week and it has passed inspection, so we are ready to go! Don't know where to just yet, and probably not far for the first trip. But how exciting is this anyway? One of the best things Frank and I have in common is the love of travel. So he gets it in his head we should get an RV, okay, so the search began on dealer lots. For some reason he had it in his head that I, a woman, would not be able to drive a 27 foot rig. How prejudice is that? After hauling a car pulled behind a 25 foot budget truck, he thinks I can't drive this thing??? Come on. Let me behind the wheel! Yes, I wish he could drive, but for some reason state troopers and the general population would frown on a blind man driving anything bigger than a nail.

So this is a Class C Mallard, 1990 with a Ford Econoline chassi, a little over 40,000 miles on it, a/c, cruise control, am/fm radio cd player, comfy seats and no need to be on the look out for gas stations with public restrooms! YES!

I recall a tent camping trip that totally destroyed my camping enthusiasm about 3 years ago. We were in Cowans Gap Park in PA, and it rained the entire week! Water seeped into the tent so we essentially slept in dampness no matter what we did. I was ready to leave, but "bizzybody" there already for paid for the week and there was no way he was going to "waste" his money. Well, no more of that kind of camping for me. This is going to be GRRREAT!

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