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Panama Housing Development

Panama Housing Development Near Airport

River Flowing Into Pacific - Down Coast From Panama City

View of Countryside - Just S. of River Prev Pic - S....

Countryside On Approach to Pereilla (sp?) - 1st Stopover

More Countryside - 1st Stopover

Still More Countryside on Approach to Perialla (sp?)

Closer Still to Landing at 1st Stopover

And Still Closer 1st Stopover Landing - Smears Are From Rain

Landing Bogota View Out Plane - Soccer Big!

Countryside Near Bogota

Leaving Bogota - Night Lights

Aires Stewardess, Not Hard to Look At

What Looks Like Snow on This Mtn Is Housing w/ Trees in...

Nice Planes

Cartagena Gate Thru Fortifications Against Pirates, Plaza Hereria(Founder of City) On Other...

Plaza Hereria, Statue is Of Founder of Cartagena

Largest Plaza in Old City -

Clocktower Church, Notice Iron Sculptures

Iron Sculptures of City/Columbian Typical Scenes

Iron Sculptures of City/Columbian Typical Scenes, Here Chess

Iron Sculptures of City/Columbian Typical Scenes, Here Dominoes

Iron Sculptures of City/Columbian Typical Scenes, Tim Buying Sugar Cane Juice

Old Cartagena, Much Has Been Upscaled

Side Street By Oldest Church, Buttresses Added to Support Huge Superstructure

Oldest Church

Interesting Colors Chosen For Tower Rehab

For the Birds!

Simon Bolivar Plaza

In Gold Museum...Excellent Anthro History, So What's NEW About Sustainable Agriculture?! Or...

Gold Earings Depicting the Web/Fabric of Life, The Filigree Weave = Interwoven...

Gold Images Very Finely Done...200BC to 600AD

Funerary Urns...Chinese Gal, Zeee, Said It Very Much Follows Some of Their...

Description of Funerary Urns

Description of Zenu Waterway/Irrigation/Flood Control System

Beautiful Plaza, Simon Bolivar

Street Scene, Old Cartagena

Let's See, Which Watch Repair Guy is Best? Hmmm!

Sunset Over the Carribean in Cartagena...If This Doesn't Boggle the Mind...!

Typical Suburban Street

The Fort & Old City Wall

Old City Wall

Great City Landscaping

Ocean View

Ocean View




Along the Seaside

Old Restored City Wall

Old Restored City Wall

Left Panama City 11:54am with two stops...unfortunately, or fortunately, we noticed just before getting on the plane in Panama that they had issued tickets continuing on 5/5 instead of this eve...after some discussion, they very nicely changed the continuing flights but in doing so the last leg from Bogota to Cartagena is now leaving at 9 and arr at 10:45pm! So we called the Casa Viena where we hoped to stay, they do not have room but said no problem, when we arrive they will find us a place nearby. Now we are in the Bogota airport, hanging for 6+ hrs. More manana...


Ended up at Hotel Familiar, just down the street from Casa Viena...they called and made the reservations at 11pm last nite. Nice folks, so this am we headed back and chkd into Casa Viena, AC dorms, 8 people dorms for $4 US less! Touring the old town and cking out the scene here...tomor, we go to volcano of mud.


See Pics...Separtate Entry...Volcano of Mud - Day Trip

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