The Adventure Begins in '10' (2010) travel blog

Entering Wendover in the motorhome

Tom attempts to put a love-lock on Oop

(Left to Right) Oop, Dave, Tom, Tim and Dan (Not Pictured: Chuck...

Heading for the motorhome for the three hour trip home

The trip home....not sure what Tim is doing to Dan

Well, the annual pilgrimage to Wendover, Nevada for "March Madness" came to an end yesterday, and after 8 years could be my last.

What is "Wendover March Madness" you ask? Its 8 of the greatest guys you will ever want to meet who love Texas Hold'em Poker and NCAA basketball. This year we drove down to Wendover Wednesday night in Dan Norris' motor home, what a great way to travel.

Here is what we do; for the last year we have each put in a "pot" $3.00 a week down at Oops City Market. Then each March this money comes out of hiding to provide us with "community money" to bet on the basketball games. Our head basketball guy is Tom, who suggests some bets and takes input from each of us on other bets. So for 4 days we eat, drink and sleep Poker and Basketball. We put in about 18 hours a day (its more fun than its sounds - really)

For me the fun begins each morning waking up with my roommate Dan and talking about life for about a hour each day. He comes up with the darnedest thoughts and ideas. The dealers at the Poker room at the "Rainbow Casino" love when we show up, they call us the "Idaho Boys". We tip well, entertain the table and never get drunk or mean. (not all poker players are like us) This year I won $900.00 within the first two hours of our trip, I was one happy camper!! I bought the boys dinner at the Sea Food Buffet, to celebrate.

I won't go into all the stories from this years trip, partly because you had to be there and partly because this is a "family blog" and I would like to keep my family. Anyway check out the pictures of some of the guys, I could not get them all at the same time, they are like herding cats. And don't let the baseball caps fool you they all have I.Q's over 50 (I think).

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