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We're off

5 hours into 1st day

looks like bikes took the brunt

Well, we're off on our 23rd RV trip. Headed to Calif, up the coast to Washington, back to Tetons and then on to the Lake by July 1 or so. If you want to see an abreviated Itinerary - you can click on "itinerary". Don't know how this will all work and how ambitious we'll be entering info - but we're giving it a try. Thanks for checking on us.

We've pretty much concluded that every RV trip has at least one mishap - some bigger than others. Hopefully we got our big mishap over early this trip. You can see the results of a nice little old 85 year old lady who decided when she was beside us in the middle lane to turn into the entrance driveway of the strip mall on our right. She says she doesn't have any idea what made her do it. Hummmm - me neither. Luckily - as she also stated many times - at least we know now that her heart is OK. We both drove away from the accident and now we're hunting down new bikes and bike rack. But no one was hurt - just shook up.

We're now in Iowa - about to spend 3-4 days with the Iowa kids and grandkids - and a snowstorm is predicted for Sunday. Maybe it'll be longer than 3-4 days.

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