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The last "Tie n Dress" photo for quite some time...

Hi everyone,

We board the plane in a few hours to start our journey! We appreciate all of your support and shared excitement as we've scrambled around to prepare for this trip.

If all goes as planned, future entries will have snapshots of Snowden "Crocodile Hunter" Armstrong arm wrestling with an angry hippo and Dana riding the desert high upon her trusty zebra. Or, if the internet access in southern Africa proves to be over a clothesline with a tin can for a modem, future entries may just say "tues - saw lion-ran- send new left pant leg"

The itinerary in a nutshell: We'll head to southern Africa first. We'll travel from South Africa to Nairobi, Kenya over the course of a couple of months. Then, we head up to Cairo, Egypt for ~1 week. Next, we start our Europe travels in Athens, Greece. We aim to travel north through eastern Europe, and then return to Italy to depart out of Rome 2 months later. From there, we head to Malaysia and Indonesia for a couple of months. For the final 2 months of our trip, we'll journey south to Australia and New Zealand. We fly via the Cook Island's in the South Pacific for a couple of weeks on our way home to Seattle in early December.

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Snow and Dana

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