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We made it! The flight was excellent, our bags came off the plane and there was someone there to meet us which was a big relief! There were 10 VSO volunteers from the UK stepping off the plane, most of them mainly teachers, and headed off towards our accommodation. For the first week we are staying in 'Beauty Hotel' which isn't that beautiful in terms of location but it is excellent accommodation, much better than we were expecting. En suite, air conditioned rooms and hot water which is great but we shouldn't get used to it as this is just for our orientation week only. We had a nice dinner of rice and beef and got a good night's sleep until around 4am when we were woken by a cockrel alerting us to the fact the sun was rising - something we weren't that keen to know at such an early hour...

We had breakfast and were collected at 8am (closer to 8.45 - African time!) by VSO who took us to their offices in Accra North. We heard a very moving story by a lady who is HIV positive - it really showed the cultural differences between UK and Ghana. The training was meant to last all day but finished at 2pm (African time again!). They made us a fantastic traditional Ghanaian lunch which was yummy and very hot and spicy which made Richard happy! Got Ghanaian sim card for our phone so we are contactable now! The weather is very hot but not as hard to cope wiht as we were expecting as there is a nice breeze from the coast. Saying that, we were only in direct sunlight for around 10 minutes today and despite putting on factor 50 sunscreen we have tan lines. We finished the day with a refreshing beer at sunset - most satisfying.

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