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bye bye daddy!

last call for miss brassington and savery!

like our rabbit hutch??!!

do we look like drowned rats or what?!!

After no sleep and numerous panic attacks (and much laughing at us falling over when we put our back packs on) we finally arrived at Heathrow. Here frankers still tried to convince us that we really didnt want to get on the plane and that life in Stratford was what we really wanted, sorry em not even the promise of a puppy from Emma's mum could convince us to stay.

So after saying our final goodbyes we boarded the plane, biggest plane in the world by the way! Got extremely excited when we found out the in flight movie was 'troy' Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt on personal screens for 3 hours, FANTASTIC! After much food and more movies we landed in JFK at 4pm. We were here!!!

Hailed ourselves a yellow cab, very sarah jessica parker. Well Sarah Jessica Parker with a backpack that made her look like a snail and a stain down her tshirt from spilling aeroplane food but you can use your imagination. Arrived at the hostel and were put into the smallest bedroom in the world with 2 sets of bunkbeds but hey what can you expect for $15 a night?

Decided to escape our prison cell and wander over to central park, via 5th avenue, park avenue and madison avenue (sorry have to name drop, its part of the jealousy bit we put on the homepage). People are soooooooo fit here, joggers everywhere, along with people on bikes, people rollerblading and walking their dogs. We sat on a bench and emma had a fag! Then it started to rain so we made our way back to the hostel. However, NY rain is not like English rain. Its big fat rain that drenches you in about 30 seconds. So our first night in New York we end up running (yep running!) across the blocks jumping in and out of puddles and squealing like children. You can imagine the state of us by the time we got back. Even chemical straightening cant cope with new york rain.

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