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RV parking at Lake Cahuilla

Beautiful lake & mountain views!

PGA West just over the fence!

Here we are!

Howard with our beautiful lake and mountains!

Paul & Dalya arrive in their "See-Ya'!

Palm Canyon Overlook!

Doubt this is an original "housepit"!

Interesting rock formations!

And lots of spring water flowing!

We decide to turn around here and NOT cross the stream!

More Palm views!

We need to back-track a few days to our last days at the Tahoe cabin. The weather report was looking dismal so we decided to leave a day early, Jan. 2nd, to get back to Sacramento, spend the night and leave the following morning, Jan. 3rd to head south. That proved to be a very good decision! 10 feet of snow was dumped on our Truckee location with I-80 closed and shelters set-up for stranded motorists! Sacramento and the Bay Area including Petaluma and Half Moon Bay were hit hard by hurricane-force winds and rain with major highways closed. Norm said Genentech shut down at noon on Friday due to flying debris (including outdoor "toilets") and after just crossing the GG Bridge, highway 101 closed as well as 580 (Richmond Bridge) where 3 big rigs had blown over! Terri reported a 2 day power outage with 40' waves crashing the Half Moon Bay beaches and threatening highway 1!

We made it to Boron in the Mojave desert on day one with no problems (other than me lying flat on my back with back spasms!) and then to our current location here at Lake Cahuilla, a Riverside County park, in La Quinta on Friday. It is so beautiful tucked up against these incredible mountains with the lake and walking, fishing and boating all available. And, of course, Costco, Trader Joe's and much more is close by on the 111 strip that runs all the way to Palm Springs.

We had high winds yesterday and rain last night but today the sun is out and the skies are clear. The mountains framing Palm Springs and nearby Big Bear are covered in snow! The area is rapidly developing into a major golfing community with new track housing developments on every corner. But here, at our beautiful park, we seem miles away!

Friends, Paul and Dalya, arrived today. We had not seen them since last summer in Anacortes so we "Happy Houred", shared meals and caught up on travel plans forthcoming. We all went to see the recently released, outstanding movie, The Great Debaters with Denzel Washington and Forest Whittaker, followed by a great sushi dinner in Palm Desert.

Now this is major news, folks! I am now the proud owner of a new, beautiful Canon Digital/SLR Rebel XTi with 10.10 megapixels! It came with two lenses: zoom lens EF 75-300mm and regular lens EF-S18-55mm, battery pack and charger, power cord, cables for computer interface and video, tutorials (much needed) and online classes, very nice carrying case - and from Costco, with a 90-day trial and return policy!

So with much anticipation and in major need of some exercise, we take "her" for a ride over to the Indian Canyons area, a few miles south of Palm Springs. Centuries ago, ancestors of the Agua Caliente Cahuilla Indians settled in this area and developed complex communities. With an abundant water supply, the plants, animals and Cahuilla Indians thrived. They grew crops and gathered plants and seeds for food, medicines, and basketweaving. Today, remains of the Cahuilla society like rock art, housepits, foundations, irrigation ditches, dams and reservoirs still exist in the canyons.

We focused primarily on the Palm Canyon area. Fifteen miles long, this Palm Canyon is one of the most spectacular we have seen; and that includes several beautiful areas in the Anza Borrego Desert State Park. The springs were gushing and small rivers and water falls flowed over beautiful rock formations. We were in "heaven" with the photo-ops continuous. I carried the camera with smaller lens attached with no trouble, thanks to the wide comfortable shoulder/neck strap. Howard packed the larger zoom lens along with our water bottles, snacks and other necessities in his backpack. No worries, Mate!

We later drove over to the Murray and Andreas Canyon area for a bit of a walkabout but by now it is getting later in the afternoon and we are tired and anxious to get back to download our "day's work"!

We later got together with Paul and Dalya for our last "hurrah" on this trip! More food, more fine wine, much more exercise needed. We will now head to our favorite place to decompress, rejuvenate and meditate with the powers of the beautiful Anza Borrego Desert!

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