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Alrighty, so we have a week left to find dog sitters, pack and get well before we hop a plane for what is most definatley going to be one heck of a trip. If the honeymoon goes as well as the wedding planning then you are going to want to be sure you stay glued to this blog 'cause there won't be a dull moment! :)

We went yesterday to the doc to get all of our shots for the trip. Sleep soundly moms - we are fully vaccinated - except for that darn rabies vaccination that no one seems to have because really who gets immunized for rabies?!?!? I'd feel a lot better if we had it but from what we've found it's a series of shots that takes a month and it's like $700 per person!! So it looks like we'll be taking our chances with sticking our hands and fingers into cracks in the rocks! Look at it this way - I survied collecting data on giant ants in the middle of the jungle by myself whilst being stalked by giant spiders, wild boars and macaques (think monkey) when I was in Borneo - so I think we'll be okay! Other than that we're all immunized and good to go. Now if we can just get rid of these colds.... Damn east coast crud!

So what we know for now is that we're getting on a plane november 9th at around 2:30am and we're flying first to Taipei, then on to Bangkok. We should arrive around noon- thirty on Saturday the 10th. I don't remember what the time difference is for everyone but we will figure that out and post it once we get there. All I remember is that we will be a day ahead of all of you! We're goign to hang out in Bangkok for a few days maybe tour the north first and then off to Phuket (I have the Thailand maps up already so you can check it out). From there who knows. We're going to take our time and enjoy our trip, making it up as we go. We'll post lots and call when we can.

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