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Ugliest Mermaid I've ever seen

Wait until you see this piggy!

This was one HOTT piggy

DUH. This is country piggy

Check out this ride

This is one BAD pig!

I wonder if he has a clue what that diagram on his...

And I thought anything dipped in chocolate would be good - NOT!

3 hours and 45 minutes later with only a 1 hour reprieve from the screaming 2 year old located 3 rows in front of us and Julie and I have successfully experienced "a Julie approved landing", each of us grateful to our parent's and their disciplinary actions taken when we were 2 years old. Needless to say, Julie and I agreed that - with our parents - that little tirade wouldn't have lasted over 2 minutes. Moving on....

Our next stop is to pick up the convertible we have rented. Both of us were anxious to see what lied in store. Imagine our surprise when the Rental Car Agreements states that our vehicle for the next four days is a "Purple Chrysler PT Cruiser". Yes, you read that correctly PURPLE. Most of you readers are back there on the east coast living a normal life while Julie and I are "pimping it up our here in Seattle". As if the color wasn't enough to show us God's humor, imagine the surprise when we opened the trunk to realize we have to fit 4 oversized suitcases, 2 carry-ons and ourselves into the size of a glove compartment. Let me just state for the record- if America's Funniest Home Videos had gotten wind of this - that $100,000 grand prize would be ours!!! After we successfully developed a "push/pull" plan, we managed to get everything - including ourselves (although not comfortably) into the car. We were afraid to put the top down as it seemed to be the only thing holding all the luggage crammed in the back seat down to safety. It's a good thing I can drive using mirrors - because there was NO visibility from the rear window.

Maneuvering through traffic proved to be very uneventful if you consider bumper to bumper going 10 miles an hour acceptable. Julie and I took this opportunity to "take pictures" along the way. It seemed to be appropriate since we weren't going anywhere and we got some really good shots although Julie really needs to hone in those left hand driving skills.

We finally reached our Westin destination and giggled as we told the front desk that "yes, we would love to have valet parking and have them deliver our luggage to the room". Under our breath, Julie and I wondered if we would be liable should anyone get injured while unloading the car. Thankfully though, the luggage safely made it to our room within minutes - although we did notice that it wasn't the same little guy who had been assigned to retrieving it. We hope he's not hurt.

Our first stop in beautiful downtown Seattle was not as we had previously planned, but of course was necessary if we intended to enjoy the remainder of our adventure. With just a few steps from our hotel, Julie and I found ourselves in the Bartell Drugs store where Julie so happily replaced all of her toiletries. I determined that....An adventure with undeterminable amount of money at this point....An overweight fee...$25....the picture I took of Julie purchasing new toiletries for $38.80....PRICELESS!

After we took the toiletries back to the room, we ventured down to Pike's Place. Imagine our surprise when we realized that it closes up at 6:00 pm. After we wondered around for hours taking in the sites of this pig infested area - (pictures will explain), Julie and I landed at a little Italian Bistro for dinner where we consumed the most wonderful spaghetti and meat sauce either of us had ever tasted. It had carrots in the sauce, but it was incredible. Once we realized that it was 11:00 pm EST, Julie and I became aware of why we were beginning to drag. A return to the hotel was necessary and it was time to go to bed and put an end to this day.

But no, God had other plans. As I opened up my suitcase to retrieve my pjs, imagine my disgust to see that my brand new 16 oz shampoo had decided to bathe the first 2 layers of my clothing. If you have ever put too much washing powder into the washer then you have some indication of the bubbles that proceeded to pour into our bathroom as I attempted to wash the items out. Needless to say, an hour and a half later and all is well - except for the fact that I have all of my "Seattle" clothes dripping wet right now, but hey - that's why they call this an adventure. Julie and I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds.

Our gratitude for today: Traveling Safety

Our High Point: A purple PT Cruiser

Our Low Point: You can't be here to enjoy this adventure with us.

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