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Elt, Trist and myself

I wanted to remember this day as being the day I decided for certain that I was prepared to take this leap of faith. The decision making process has been days of weighing pros and cons and finally deciding to feel the fear and do it anyway.Embrace the adventure! I feel a bit like i'm standing at the top of a water slide that I suspect will be thrilling and sometimes downright frightening.

Today we went to have a final look of the RV to finally finally make up our minds that it is going to be our home for the next 6 least. At 31 feet it's not a whole lot of room and I'm darned if I know where we'll put the kids clothing or bedding. I will certainly have to part with my book collection, more than half of my wardrobe and all my art supplies but there is almost a sense of relief in the parting. A sense of being more agile, free.

The children are beside themselves with excitement. Trev and I had worried that they would feel uprooted and unsettled but quite the opposite. Their exhuberance suprises me and they would leave today if they could.

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