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Rob's academy graduation

Stephanie & Gary at Treasure Island

Miss Christina Bina

Happy Baby!

Daniel & Bina on Mother's Day

Wendy, Norm & Christina at Mother's Day brunch

Terri & Daniel

"The group"!

Very happy mom!

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Grandma's very amatuerish video of Daniel skateboarding (nice shoes)!

We have had an incredible two month stay in and around the Bay Area. Our families are located in the Sacramento area, Petaluma and Half Moon Bay which provides a convenient "circle route" with lots of fun and interesting things to do and some beautiful scenery to explore. And let's face it, San Francisco is "The City"!

Our newest granddaughter, Christina (aka Bina), is now almost 8 months old and crawling and pulling up on everything. She is the best baby, always happy and gurgling and smiling. Noelle (5th grade) just won the Young Writer's award for her elementary school and went on to read her story at the Sonoma County awards presentation. Daniel, in his first year (6th grade) in intermediate school, is always on the Honor Roll. He continues to be the star of his Little League and Pop Warner teams though skate-boarding is now his main passion. Our oldest grandson, Rob, just graduated from the San Francisco Fire Dept. academy of Paramedics. Oh, and the parents of this incredible group are also doing well.

Mother's Day was the best ever! (Note pictures above.) Wendy pulled everything together for a great brunch at the Waterfront Grill on the Petaluma River. Terri and Daniel were up from Half Moon Bay and was I surprised as Stephanie and Gary walked in after after our earlier chat about how busy she was studying for the dreaded finals of her first year Master's program and wouldn't be able to leave Sacramento! A very good time was had by all, but especially this proud mom!

We have both made our rounds at Kaiser and pronounced fit to continue this wonderful, crazy lifestyle. We are very thankful and blessed!

Hang loose...Hold tight...Live life while you're alive!

We will first highlight some of our special times in the Bay Area before heading out in the diesel guzzling "home on wheels". A note of possible interest: last year when we were in CA diesel fuel was higher than unleaded supreme. Now diesel is currently selling for $2.97 a gallon with regular unleaded in the $3.20's. Go figure!

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