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Although today is labelled "arrive Quito," most of the day, of course was spent gettting to Quito. The actual arrival was anticlimactic and short-lived, as arrivals tend to be...

This morning, while waiting outside the Royal York Hotel in Toronto waiting for the bus to take me to the airport, I realized that I forgot my ATM and credit cards. I will just have to make the cash last it seems. Our plane from Toronto was delayed an hour for de-icing. I had never actually witnessed that before. So, we arrived in Miami late, and there was little time to spare for making the connecting flight. I am not exagerating when I say that I, along with a couple of other people, had to run to the other end of the airport to make this plane, and it is the craziest airport... The first sign I read said "32 minutes to terminal A" I thought that had to be an exaggeration,but after running upstairs and downstairs and down long hallways, I started to think they aren't kidding. The next sign indicated another 16 minutes walking. Well, the plane was held for the four of us and we made it.

I arrived in Quito airport and got a taxi. Just me and a spanish-speaking driver in this big van that could have seated at least seven. By the time I made it to the hotel, it was after 10 p.m. feeling hungry and tired and achingly sore from the combination of a stressful move from my apartment the day before and all day sitting in economy class. I was escorted to the door of my hotel room where I was met by the small, red and squinting face of my new roomate, Sylvia. She informed me that departure tomorrow for galapagos islands was at 7 am. I felt a bit guilty that I had gotten her out of bed, but then again it was the cold Toronto climate and not me that were to blame for my tardiness. Sylvia also informed me that everyone else had gotten duffel bags to put their stuff in to take on the boat. There was apparently no note and no bag for me at this point. I decided to worry about such details tomorrow. As I did not have time to eat at the miami airport and American airlines provided pitifully little food throughout my day's voyage, first thing was first. I was so glad I brought some power bars with me. So as not to disturb Sylvia who had gone back to bed, I turned the light on in the bathroom and sat on the toilet seat hungrily gobbling the chocolate and soy bits. I had to laugh at myself. Were someone to take a picture now, what a sight I would be. Grateful for a beautiful hotel room and hot water, after a hot shower, I climbed into bed still hungry and hurting. Sleep was a while in coming.

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